Say NO to Gas Storage, Say NO for the LAST time…

I have decided to write this to show my frustration and concern over Halite energy’s plans to create 19 UNLINED caverns beneath the River Wyre which would store 900,000,000 cubic metres of gas. We have an action group, Protect wyre group,

I have posted some information onto this blog post regarding the plans.

Halite Energy (previously called Canatxx) wants to create
19 unlined caverns in the layered salt 300m beneath the
River Wyre to store 900mcm of natural gas.

Have you any idea how much gas this really is?

900,000,000 m3
of Gas =
18,000 of these!

Placed in a line, these
would stretch from Wyre
to the Middle of France!

Have you any idea how near to your home this will be?

The proposed site will be within half a mile of Fleetwood,
Knott End and Preesall, 1 mile from Thornton, 2 miles from
Cleveleys and 3 from Poulton.

Let’s put a STOP to this scheme NOW!

There are also numerous reasons why you should object to these plans as the website shows…..

1 The Unsuitable Geology of the Preesall Salt
At about 300m, this proposed underground gas storage scheme would be the shallowest and therefore potentially the most dangerous in all Europe. The Preesall salt bed is split by numerous faults any one of which could be a route along which escaping gas might migrate.

Gas travelled 8 miles underground from similar geology in Kansas in 2001 before mixing with air, exploding and causing fatalities. Many homes, on both sides of the river, are within half a mile of the proposed site.

2 Gas Migration Risk to Fleetwood, Thornton & Cleveleys
Under the Wyre there is a massive fault which brings the salt bed next to the porous sandstone bed which underlies Fleetwood, Thornton and Cleveleys. If the stored gas were to escape into the sandstone it could build up, travelling miles and miles along faults, cracks, pipes and sewers, eventually rising up to the surface in and around properties.

3 Gas Migration Risk to Over Wyre Villages
Similar faults occur on the Over Wyre side of the estuary. Here there is added concern because the gas could escape into the network of old brine wells, abandoned pipes and the old salt mine where for 100 years ICI have put water down shafts and pumped up the dissolved salt. This area of salt is riddled with huge holes resulting in the ground collapsing over much of the area. Yet it is so close to the site of the caverns, which raises concerns about how far escaping gas could migrate eastwards towards the Over Wyre villages.

4 Potential of a Well Head Explosion
Accidents can never be ruled out. Technology is not foolproof and human error must never be discounted. If gas escaped from a cavern and rose to the surface at a well head, it could mix with air and explode. The Wyre Way, a well used public right of way, runs past the well head area. If an explosion occurred anyone close to the well heads would have little chance of survival.

5 Evacuation of Thornton – Fleetwood Peninsula – Over Wyre
An explosion may not happen straight away. Under certain conditions a cloud of gas could drift in any direction towards settlements on both sides of the Wyre. In those circumstances how could the residents of Fleetwood, Thornton and Cleveleys be protected? How would you evacuate 60,000 people from a peninsula with just one road out? Equally, evacuation of Over Wyre residents would be difficult, if indeed possible.

6 The Scheme would provide a New Terrorist Target
Unlike all other dangerous installations of this type, this site would not be ring fenced with security fencing and the open nature of the site and its proximity to residential areas could present itself as a terrorist target.

7 Ecological Damage from Discharge of the Brine at Rossall
50 million tonnes of saturated brine, the result of washing out the caverns, will be dumped into the sea off Rossall School. This will have a serious adverse effect on the sea bed life and fisheries.

8 Destruction of Countryside and Wild Life
The Wyre estuary is an important internationally recognised wild life area given special protection because of its bird life and salt marshes. The caverns would be created under these marshes. The land between Preesall and the coast is peaceful countryside which has great ecological and amenity value.
This proposal would destroy all this and create an industrial landscape.

9 Impact on Recreational Use & Landscape
People enjoy the walks and the views from the eastern side of the Estuary. The Wyre Way is part of the Lancashire Coastal Path but the industrialisation of this area and the noise would destroy the peace and enjoyment which so many people value, if indeed the Wyre Way was allowed to remain open.

10 Long Term Effect on House Prices and Insurance
What effect will gas storage have on house prices in adjacent areas? If an accident did happen then the negative effect on house prices and subsequent insurance premiums would be felt over a wide area.

Residents around the area have been sent these letters….

Dear Resident

There have been 3 previous applications to store vast quantities of gas at great pressure (about 1,000psi) in caverns which will be created by dissolving the salt bed which lies west of Preesall and extends under the Wyre Estuary.

These caverns would be enormous – up to 300 metres high and 100 metres in diameter – and they would be close to your home – within half a mile of Fleetwood, Knott End and Preesall, a mile from Thornton, 2 miles from Cleveleys and 3 from Poulton.

For each of the three previous applications you were magnificent. An average of 10,000 of you on each occasion wrote in to object. It was largely because of your letters that the schemes were turned down.

Now there is a fourth application (the Halite one) and once again we need you to play your part.

Have a read about the proposed scheme and our objections to it and then simply complete the on-line Response Form or download blank copies to fill in and then either send it to the Protect Wyre Group or deliver it to one of the drop off points.

We will present your letter to the Planning Inspectors as part of the evidence we will be giving.

We urge everyone in your house to send in an objection. It is one letter per person and not one per home. Your family and friends can also object even if they live outside the area – their concerns for your well-being carry just as much weight.

What else can you do to help? It’s easy and very effective – simply encourage everyone in your family to fill their forms in, encourage your friends and neighbours to complete theirs.

Please, Please take the time to read this information, comment, share and spread the word. I don’t think this is getting the recognition that it deserves as we don’t need it and corporate greed is influencing our areas future. So please, tweet, facebook, press this, reblog whatever, this issue needs addressing!

Finally if you are wondering what you can do to help, you can also fill out the Response Form on the Protect Wyre website, I’ve included the link. Even though you may not be a resident you can express your concern about the plans and for the saftey and well being of its residents. Please, Please do so, you have until 16th May and it won’t take more than 5 minutes!!!!

So before I go, if I haven’t convinced you, I live in Preesall, less than a mile away, imagine you are in my predicament, imagine the panic and pandamonium that would go on if something happened! And there would be over 60000 others to contend with!

Please, read, share and fill out the form. It would mean the world to me and hopefully safeguard my areas future…..

P.S For more info log onto the Protect Wyre Group Website