Goodbye Allotment and Hello New Garden…

Well if you read my last post you will know that I am redesigning my garden after a rather harsh winter on my garden, what with the wet weather earlier on as well as the chickens coming home and completely destroying what was left (so thanks for that) Anyway after much deliberation I am pleased to show you my garden plan…

My new garden

It has traces of my allotment in it as you can see with the layout of the beds. These will be done with railway sleepers so it should hopefully have a nice finish. I’m also turning my greenhouse around and the cat house will be moving net door. Hopefully at the end of march/april my garden will be ready.

Which now brings me to my allotment. I have decided to give it up as the people who own it have decided to move so I thought I might as well, at least everything will fit into my garden I suppose.

Finally I was wondering what to do with the roundabout, well its not a roundabout here, its a squareabout?? I have been watching bees, butterfiles and blooms and that has kind of inspired my to have a meadow, so maybe a mini raised up meadow would have a nice effect. Anyway if you have any ideas please suggest them.

One final note is that I am one step closer to have my bees. I go to my first bee meeting in a couple of weeks and start to learn about how to look after them, so watch this space…


New Year, New Designs…

Following the start of 2012, I had to create a new design to replace last years for my allotment. To my surprise it only  took one afternoon and I am very pleased with it:

Allotment 2012

I just hope that it will work a bit better than last years. I had a few space issues, but this time I think I’ve fixed it.

Now following the complete obliteration of my garden by the weather and the chickens :S I have gotten my way in having it done up this year. So today I came up with one main design and 4 sub garden designs. We can’t agree on which sub design to go with because we like them one way and another, the other way. So I have create a poll at the bottom of this post just to get some feedback on which one others liked. So please after reading vote on which you like best. Anyway below is the main design.

Design Number One

The bit we can’t decide on is the left hand corner with the greenhouse and cat house, below are 4 other possible designs. They each have their pro’s and con’s so I will let you decide.

Design 2

Design 3

These two designs mean that I lose around a 1m of from the right of the garden when compared to the other design.

Design 4

Design 5

These two designs may mean that greenhouse doesn’t get that much light…

Anyway, the writing maybe rather breif but never mind. Now before going please vote on which you like best and also if you have anything to say just comment as normal. Thank you 😀

Its been too long…

Oh my, it has been soooo long since I have updated the blog. Oops. Never mind. Anyway a lot has happened since last time. For example my garden is now more gardeny (you’ll see later) the allotment has gone wild (which you won’t see later – give me a few weeks!!). Elmwood Gardening Show was held and there is some news on the bees. So there is something for more or less everyone today. Firstly I would like to say a big thanks to all who have come to the gardening show. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and that there was plenty for you all to do. This years activity was hapazome, a Japanese print making technique in which you place flowers or leaves onto a side of natural fabric, in our case bags. I got the idea after watching Alys Fowler’s the edible garden. If you would like to do this yourself it is in the show guide. I would like to attach this PDFwhich is my show guide, which you can print out if you want to if you didn’t manage to pick one up or just have a look through. Luckily the rain held off on the day until right at the end and even then it was only spitting a little bit. Below is few pics from the Gardening Show…

The Food Stand

My Great Nana making a fat ball for the birds

Next the garden in now more gardeny news. After my little tidy up, which was more like an operation, just saying 😉 I decided to elminate the veggie element from the borders at home and created bee border mark 3. I am still going to keep the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chilli’s in the greenhouse as I can’t let them go, just can’t. The fruit along the fence have had a serious haircut, maybe a little too serious, but never mind. As another thing to prepare for the bees I am in the process of sorting out a mini wildflower meadow to put the beehouse in. It may look a bit bland at the moment however its moment is coming. Writing about bees, my bees will be arriving hopefully between March and June next year and it looks like it is going to be an interesting affair.

Like I wrote, a serious haircut...

Bee Border Mark 3. We've moved into the raised bed

The remnants of bee border mark 2 but the beginnings of the wildflower meadow

Only the greenhouse left to tidy. YAY 🙂

My Tea Tree Oil Plant from harrogate!!!!

I hope the slugs don't get my chocolate daisy's

Newly planted patio pots

Cyclamen by the Greenhouse

Also I have been to the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. I think it has been my favourite of the shows I have been to this year. I think it was because it wasn’t that busy and it was full of lots of interesting and unusual things. Here are a few photos from the marquees.

I’m not going to really mention the allotment in this post but in the next post there will probably be a lot more to show you.

Finally could anybody help me with identifying this moth or butterfly. It was on my sedum at the beginning of September. Anyway thats really all that has happened since last time. I hope to see you all later.


An exciting new project…

Right, I’ve just had an absolute brainwave, well my friend suggested the idea. I’m sure you’ve seen the roundabout at my allotment, if not here it is just as a reminder:

This is the area for my new idea

 The roundabout is currently going through a redesign process, it is being converted into a wildlife pond. I mean it’s going to sound a bit geeky but I love to keep tadpoles, I found them so fascinating, I mean I even mangaged to get my friends to keep them last year  with mixed outcomes (i.e. some died well most died) Mine didn’t follow the same fate, I ended with 3 from around 20, most of them ate each other. I called them flip, jip and skip.

I am hoping that my design should go well, it should. It will hopefully attract all sorts of wildlife, for example dragon and damselflies, and I am wondering what else. This is a bit naughty but I will add frogspawn myself next spring. I know your supposed to wait but. I am just going to have to reasearch the flowers and stuff to put in my pond. I may get one of those solar powered water features. I will keep you updated throughtout its construction, and can’t wait to see what it looks like.

A sad end and new beginning…

It’s official we cannot keep 4 chicken for some reason as the same fate has come upon us once again. I went to let the chickens out this morning and found that one of them is dead, I don’t know why but it was the replacement for the last one that died, (a golden silkie). I think it was something to do with her having a “funny” bum meaning there was poo all over, but never mind. We buried it just outside the chicken coop next to the fruit patch.

On a bit of a brighter note, i think that we are definitely getting bees now. I’m over the moon as we will be giving the bees a new lease of life. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the plight of the honeybee but what you might not know is just how serious this is, did you know for example that there are no wild honeybee colonies left in the wild in the UK . This is mostly to do with varroa mite. A tiny might which gets into bee larvae and causes deformities in the resulting bee. This makes the colony very deceptable to disease which eventually results in colony collapse disorder or CCD for short. This is when the colony is so weak, the bees just virtually disappear. CCD’s causes are not yet fully understood however it has resulted in a dramatic decline in honeybee populations across north america and is now reaching us and spreading rapidly throughout the UK. Please help the bees by planting many benefical flowers for them as remember without the honeybee the human race only has around 25 years left to live or is it 65? Anyway it’s not long so please help them and who knows maybe you could keep bees, i mean if I can do it anyone can!!

The Allotment tidy up is finally at an end!!

Thank God!! You may remember some time ago the pics of the allotment from march, well what a difference  a month can make. All the beds are now finished and its just the general weeding, watering and planting out.  I may go tomorrow and get some more things planted out however I’m not sure…

I have some good news too, there is some ducklings 12 to be precise at the bottom of my allotment, it brought such a smile to my face, its alright getting iPods, phones and games concoles and being happy then however this sort of happy was different, it was a  happy in which I was pleased for the ducks and its amazing just how nature can make you happy.

I was going to try and put before and after photos on this slideshow but couldn’t do it, but I managed to put some captions on them so you should have an idea of what is going on.

Tommorrow I’m going to a garden centre to get some more mints and a lemon verbena seen as I killed the last one over the winter. Anyways I’ll see you all later when I will let you know about some of my projects for this year.

Have a happy easter and make the most of the bank holidays!!

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Tidy up end in sight!!!!

This Sunday was the week before I finish my allotment tidy up, it has been so hard but well worth it. I’ve only got my fruit bed to edge, weed and mulch and then the rest of the paths to put bark chipping on (which isn’t that important I know but I did some with the bark that I had down and it looked and smelled amazing.
Did quite a bit of taking today which kind of did brighten up the day a bit because I don’t really see many people down there when I go but it was a nice day (temperature of 17 degrees!!!) so people came out of hiding. I planted up the roundabout with some perennials I had recently bought (heleniums, rudbeckia, campanula, blue salvia, and something else but I can’t remember what!! Also planted out my garlic but have a lot left over so may use that as green garlic. Also sowed my first carrots, not my favourite variety though but that ones next, it’s chantenary red it tastes delicious.

I will post all the pics next sunday or monday of what hopefully will be my finished (well tidyed) allotment, meanwhile i have a french speaking exam so au revoir!!!

The Allotment in Pictures – March 2011

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As promised here is my allotment, the pictures aren’t very good so sorry, i forgot to take a pic of the funky chicken sign but managed to grab a pic of two of the four chickens, one was a bit camera shy. The chickens are called, alys (after alys fowler) pixie, poppy and sky.

It is a bit on the untidy side as you may have seen the nasty patch on one of the photos. I now only have two beds left to make and edge however I am going to have to buy some top soil to build up the beds up as there is some big dips. I found out who was my new neighbour was, not properly like but there’s time yet!

Everything seems to have come to life this week, the currants have come into leaf and my tulips are getting ready to flower, can’t wait for them to come out as I cannot remember what they are. They are in the roundabout (the circle) of the allotment which is going to be the main hub for bees.

I potted up some of my tomatoes and aubergines today and discovered that my chipmunks have had babies as you could hear them sqeaking while I was doing it which brightened the day, will show you some pics later when they begin to come out of the box

I hope you enjoyed my rather bad photos (will be better next time)  and will show you some of the garden soon.

My Allotment Plan


This is my allotment planting plan for this year, I spent a lot of time on it while I should have been doing homework, never mind!!!! You may have to click on it to make out what is planted, if  it looks to be going wrong, just leave a comment or something. On sunday I will show you some images of what I have created so far which is the 2 fruit beds, however one still needs weeding and raising! and most of the left side. Anyway you will see this on Sunday. I know I said I was going to do my garden today but decided not too as a will have more time tomorrow so I may put some pics on tomorrow…..

Wednesday 2nd March

Well hello to everybody and welcome to my new blog, you may have to bear with me as I haven’t yet figured out what everything does, but I’ll get there.
As this is my first post I think I will tell you a bit about me and my garden. My name is Anthony, and I am a year 10 student in Lancashire. I got into nature first when I was 7 years old after I saw an article in the sky kids magazine for RSPB membership and everything stemmed from there really, who knew that watching telly could actually change your life!? I’m glad it did because it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Anyway I have an allotment, a garden and do my best to look after the environment. My post with pictures of the allotment, and my garden will be posted at the weekend (if I can figure that bit out!)

I hope you will become regular readers and hope that you will enjoy my posts!