About me and the blog

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog, if you want to find out some stuff about me just read this 🙂

Well hey for starters and thanks for clicking onto my blog, my aim of this blog is just to show people that you can garden, bake, nature watch even anywhere and hope that it inspires even one person to have a go at trying something out, whether that be simply growing a sunflower or creating a veggie patch. If you have any questions I’ve created a page that will allow you to ask me questions if you ever needed help. I’ll try my best to answer them and whenever I can’t I’ll ask my lovely followers on twitter, which reminds me why not follow me on that too…

I’m Anthony by the way, I’m 16 and come from a little village in Lancashire called Preesall. I absolutely love nature, gardening, cooking and most of all chatting and meeting new people who I can share these passions with and pass on some of my knowledge on the subjects. My dream is to set up my own river cottage style business when I’m older and to build my own house. A bit of an odd one I know but hey it’s my dream. I’m hoping to move to London in the next couple of years and train at Kew Gardens, if of course I get accepted, which I probably won’t but you never know!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings enough to follow my blog and stay updated with me and what I get up too…

Anthony 🙂 xxx


5 thoughts on “About me and the blog

  1. Haha, I’m glad I’ve finally met someone my age who has nigh on the exact same interest as I do. As luck would have it, you live half way across the world from me. Ah well.

    • Never mind, I’m currently “converting” friends at school to wildlife and growing things. They think I’m talking an alien language to them!!

      • I pollinated one of my amaryllis once, and actually got seeds from it, (which I germinated succesfully) and I was telling my friend about them in the hopes that she might like one. Half way through the conversation she asked me what a bulb was. *sigh* I gave up talking about plants with people in school a long time ago. And talking about honey bees lasted all of five minutes.

  2. Hi Anthony; Saw your blog listed as a newcomer on Blotanical.com. You’re obviously a LOT younger than me, but I can sense the enthusiasm in what you have written, so I’m sure we still have something in common. I’m very keen to get the younger generation interested in gardening – especially food-production – so maybe I will be able to help you with some ideas and inspiration. Please visit my blog to find out more!

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