I’m baaaacckkkkk, and for real this time

Hello everyone, after a rather odd time I’ve decided to resurrect the old blog however this time I think I’m going to start taking it a little bit more seriously. So my new take on my blog as it would be is going to start putting how to’s on, future ideas, reviews amongst other things. So this is a rather short post just informing you all at the moment so before I end it and begin working in new things I’ll just get you all up to speed. So I’m still at college and dislike it intensely, I’ve taken my garden back and the turf goes down tomorrow symbolising its new beginning.
Think that will do so one final note, I would love to get more people reading my blog and so it would mean a lot if you could share posts to Twitter, Facebook and onto your WordPress or other blogs. You guys can follow me on those platforms too if you so wished, I love talking to you guys. Also if you have any questions you would like to ask or any ideas you think would be of an awesome inspiration be sure to comment below.
Thanks for reading this and look forward to connecting with you all in the future….


9 thoughts on “I’m baaaacckkkkk, and for real this time

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  2. Did you see the last Countryfile [you can see it again on BBCiPlayer (27mins to 33:20) ] about why talented young people are so valued in the horticulture industry? SHame it’s not often reflected in our colleges – education needs to catch up to where the real work is being done. Good luck Anthony – keep believing in yourself. x The People’s Plot

  3. Welcome back Anthony, about time too!!! I also thought of you when I was watching CF earlier this week. If you haven’t seen it then deformed catch it on iPlayer before it’s too late! Stick with it hon and trust me; there’s life after college!!! Xx

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