New Year, New Designs…

Following the start of 2012, I had to create a new design to replace last years for my allotment. To my surprise it only  took one afternoon and I am very pleased with it:

Allotment 2012

I just hope that it will work a bit better than last years. I had a few space issues, but this time I think I’ve fixed it.

Now following the complete obliteration of my garden by the weather and the chickens :S I have gotten my way in having it done up this year. So today I came up with one main design and 4 sub garden designs. We can’t agree on which sub design to go with because we like them one way and another, the other way. So I have create a poll at the bottom of this post just to get some feedback on which one others liked. So please after reading vote on which you like best. Anyway below is the main design.

Design Number One

The bit we can’t decide on is the left hand corner with the greenhouse and cat house, below are 4 other possible designs. They each have their pro’s and con’s so I will let you decide.

Design 2

Design 3

These two designs mean that I lose around a 1m of from the right of the garden when compared to the other design.

Design 4

Design 5

These two designs may mean that greenhouse doesn’t get that much light…

Anyway, the writing maybe rather breif but never mind. Now before going please vote on which you like best and also if you have anything to say just comment as normal. Thank you 😀


One thought on “New Year, New Designs…

  1. Hi Anthony, it’s great to see all your great designs and how prolific you are in your energy for the garden.
    I suggest you get a copy of Toby Hemenway’s book Gaia’s Garden–he talks a lot about designing in keyholes (ie where there are minimal paths which are like keyholes into larger planting areas).

    Or you could Google ‘keyhole garden’ for some images

    You might get in more plants if you minimise paths and maximise curves.

    Also, you can plant in layers (do you have a book on companion planting? Bob Flowerdew wrote a good one a few years ago, which you could probably buy 2nd hand cheap on Amazon).

    Also, you might plant some permanent fruit trees and soft fruit underneath, with strawberries and other edible ground cover underneath–and garlic or onions between the strawberries.

    Best wishes,


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