Allotment 2012

I’ve finally managed to get round to going to the allotment today. The dreaded task of tidying up has caught up with me. Actually it wasn’t as dreaded as I thought it would have been, i mean it could have been a lot worse weed wise than it was:

A little weedy, but nothing serious

That said at least my shed roof was still on unlike my nana’s…

She's gone to fix that now...

I have a few projects I would like to do at the allotment this year. My first one is making a herb spiral on my roundabout, which I will probaby do later on in the year.The herbs in the old patch will move up to the roundabout. My second project is creating a mini pond and bug hotel where the mint patch is. The mints will move to the old herb patch.

While I was looking about I found that my purple sprouting broccoli was just beginning to show signs of a harvest to come…

Something survived the storm

I got quite a bit done, well for me anyway! I dug over and weeded one of my beds, only real disaster was that a rhubarb plant has died, which I thought was fairly weird. I started to weed one of my other beds but decided to go home as it started to rain.

Thats Better!

Also I discovered a load of strawberries which I think I’m going to pot on and grow but for now they can go back into the bed.

Strawberries 😀

Finally I would just like to show you a photo of the cheeky robin that follows you around the allotment. Today it went inside the shed looking about, I couldn’t photograph it inside but got one of it sat in the bushes…

"What you lookin at"


10 thoughts on “Allotment 2012

  1. Hi Anthony–sounds good! Have you heard about no-dig allotment gardening? You keep mulching with well-rotted manure, compost or similar–and the worms pull it down. It helps the soil structure remain healthy as well as the mycorrhyzal fungi, which help veg roots take up extra nutrients. Also, your rhubarb may not be dead–just cover it with mulch and wait til March.
    Best wishes, J

    • I have heard of no dig gardening! The only problem with using it at the allotment is that its a bit on the inaccessible side and is rather small. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with compost production!! I mulch our garden though 🙂 Oh I think the rhubarb was dead, all the others are coming up and this one hasn’t. It also had yellow, rotting roots…

  2. My Greenhouse at school took off in the wind!!! We waited all those years to get a new one and hey presto its gone in a puff of wind!

  3. Hiya Anthony, your plot is looking good! And well done for getting out there and tidying up, you put me to shame! I’ve been putting off the inevitable as well but your update has convinced me to go out and check on the garden – if not today then this weekend!
    By the way, how did you get on with the stevia? The seeds I had came to nothing and the plants in the allotment didn’t make it due to the drab summer we had and neglect from me.
    Anyway, nice to hear from you again!
    Eva x

    • Glad to have been of influence 😉 My stevia went fairly well until they got baked one day in the greenhouse in june and couldn’t recover them 😦 I didn’t sow them all so I’m going to have another go this year 😀

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