Kew Gardens

Yesterday I went to The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. It was a long way to go, up a 6 to be on the platform at Lancaster for 7:30. The train journey wasn’t so bad and I managed to direct us around on the underground (with the help of my iPod) The underground trains don’t hang about, whizzing round.

Anyway I had an afternoon to explore the gardens after meeting with somebody about learning at kew. Because we had limited time we only really went to the main attractions but even though they were still amazing. Here are some of the photos I took when I was there.

The Alpine House, I think...


Scilla Maderensis


A fern in the Princess of Wales Conservatory


An orchid of some sort also in the conservatory


The Princess of Wales Conservatory


I enjoyed the conservatory, it is very modern looking. It contains 10 different climatic zones and is full of plants including ferns, orchids and cacti.

The Palm House


Weeping Willow by the lake?


Inside the palm house


double coconut leaf??


Round weird fruit thing


These photos are from the palm house, it was really hot and humid and my mum nearly died from the palm house because of the humidity which I found rather funny because we had to rush out quickly.

The Japanese pointy thing (right in the distance)


The temperate house


The stairs up the tree top walk

I couldn’t leave with out going around the tree tops walk. It was really high up. If you walked on it a certain way it shook and it shook in the wind which wasn’t to my mum’s taste.

A view on the tree tops


Some strange tree that I can't remember the name of, it looks cool though!

Before leaving we went on this holly walk as my mum likes them, we found this yellow berried holly and this sort of weeping holly

Yellow Holly


Weeping holly


Finally  before leaving London we went to covent garden for a look round and then headed back to euston where I swear I got eye and neck strain from staring at our train on the departure board slowly edging its way across…

Before I go, I have had a dramatic development in my garden, A sparrowhawk attack at my bird feeders. It ate one of my starlings and made guard cats fluff up scared, it would probably eat them given half a chance as they are so gormless.

The sparrowhawk, you better not come back or else....


...I'll send my one of my guard cats out, oh and by the way the cat was watching TV while I took this


8 thoughts on “Kew Gardens

    • It really is worth the visit but I would recommend going over a couple of days if you want to see it all ‘properly’ 🙂 My favourite part was the tree tops walk, you had a fantastic view of the gardens.

  1. What a lovely day you had Anthony. I hope the interview will be successful for you. Kew is one of my favourite places and I love the Princes of Wales conservatory – my very favourite place at Kew.

  2. Looks like a really fun day our for you. I’m glad you enjoyed Kew, although I liked the sparrow hawk the moston your blog, fantastic image, well done. Christina

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