Reconnect With Nature…

Reconnect With Nature

An idea for a new project that people anywhere you can do. I used to be much more naturey than I am today and am wanting to ‘reconnect’ with the natural world.  I am posting this to encourage more people to do so. So spread the word!!! There are two ways in which you can do this, read on to find out about them…

The First Way

For this you would choose a local patch or nature reserve. Then for one day each month in 2012, you would visit your patch and just look around. You could look at the changes in birdlife, pond-life or the wild flowers each month or just generalize and look for anything. If I was doing it this way I would choose the RSPB reserve Leighton Moss in Silverdale, Lancashire. It is my closest RSPB reserve and it is where I get my bird food from so I might as well go round at the same time.

or you could choose

The Second Way

For this way you choose a different place to go each month. For example for one moth you could stick to your local patch and then the next go on a walk or to a nature reserve. You can go anywhere with this project and you can see a whole range of wildlife.


If you are a blogger you could post your visits if you wanted to and let the whole world in on what you have seen. I’ll be doing this!!! If you are not just write down what you see in a book, take photos and or even make a nature scrapbook, when you can stick whatever you find into your book.

Finally a quick message too, you can always just stop in your garden and see what you can find. Most importantly if you don’t already FEED THE BIRDS!! They are having a bit of a tough time at the moment with the previous winters and now avian pox they really do need your help. For any extra help look on the RSPB website. They have a load of reserves and lots of information and if your a member your entrance is free!!! Just have a search around for any places to go.

I will keep you all updated with the project and if you are looking to take part don’t hesitate to ask anything. Also finally, finally I will post any ideas on here for different things to do during the project!! I hope you will take part!!!


7 thoughts on “Reconnect With Nature…

  1. that’s a great idea Anthony! We need a fixed day when you’ll post otherwise we’ll all forget to do it. Remember that the 15th of each month is GBBD and the 22nd is GBFD (Foliage day), and the last day of the month is End of month view. Perhaps the 7th of the month would be good, see what other people suggest. And please do join in foliage day next week. Christina

    • Thanks for all the dates, looks like it could be the 7th or something like the first saturday of each month. I shall get them dates noted down and ready for all the future posts. Thank you

  2. Great idea Anthony. If you’re going for a fixed date or timing, it’s worth checking out Gardening Gone Wild’s blog ideas pages as they have the longest list of various gardening related memes, so you can pick a time which doesn’t clash.

  3. PS would you like my copy of Keep Calm and Pot On? I have so many books it would be great to pass this one on to someone who’d like it 🙂

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