Elmwood Gardening Show – July Update


Well its just over a month to go until the gardening show now and my garden is growing at a fair rate now with the bee border coming along nicely now with a few new additions from the gardeners world live show and a few more plants will be coming back home with me when I go to  tatton park flower show. It now only needs a Buddleia bush and the plants within it include a phlox, lavender and scabious. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but its raining and really cold so it was taken really quick but never mind.

The New and Improved Bee Border


Below are a few pics from Gardeners World Live. I didn’t really enjoy it this year because it was too busy and it was manic everywhere you went!

With the show coming near expect to see some important details appearing on here for if you are visiting the show: for example what to do when you arrive and how the day will be run however a show guide will be available to  download on my skydrive account.

All links and things will be available on 1st August or the following days. (Meaning I will aim for that day but me being me will probably miss the deadline)

Now for all you internet goers who will not be attending I am trying to find a way in which you could take part if you wanted to. I think the categories will remain the same and there will be one for your gardens too if you don’t have anything else to ‘ show off ‘ !  I think you will have to either give a link to photos in the comments section for the new page that will be created for the show day or if you can paste the photo into the comments…I don’t know, I’ll figure that out when I get there!! alternatively you can always email me the photos and I’ll put them on for you 🙂

All of the winners from this years show will be placed on the blog in the winners post shortly after the show along with all the pictures. I think I will keep you all posted on the show day.

Once again the date for your diaries is

Saturday 20th August 2011

13:30 – 16:30

Hope to see your all then and look out for updates on the show.



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