My Garden Pictures – June 2011

Well school has unfortunately started so I thought I should share with you what I have done during the holiday. I decided to tidy up the garden again and redo the bee border however it’s not just a bee border its the bee and butterfly border (and ladybird, lacewing etc) I don’t think that will catch on though! Below is a photo of the bee border below after it has been extended and planted up a bit.

The New Bee Border

I know it looks a bit bare at the moment however give it a few weeks as I’m picking up a load of plants from gardeners world live and tatton park flowers shows. I think the flower below is a scabious. I’ve had it a few years and the bumblebees love it so I moved it into the borders

Is this a scabious?

So far the bee border has the scabious, lavender, cosmos, chrysanthemums, sedums and bee balm.
My greenhouse is coming along nicely now despite the fact I didn’t buy the things for it. I am going to try New Horizon growbags in there as many people seem to recommend them so I’ll find out for myself how they do and let you know how they fare.
Anyway below is a gallery of the pics from my garden.


13 thoughts on “My Garden Pictures – June 2011

  1. Hi Anthony, how come school is starting? I thought it would be finishing for the summer soon! It is a scabious. you could also try Verbena bonariensis in your bee border the butterflies love it and it flowers all summer, also Perovskia, same thing it will flower all some for you. Everything is looking very healthy. Christina

    • Hi Christina, school has just come back from may half term we finish for summer in 7 weeks 😦 I have sown some verbena bonariensis but I don’t think it will flower this year so maybe next. The Perovskia looks like a pretty plant and I may try it either in my bee border or at my allotment to attract some more wildife!

  2. Garden looks very nice. Bee border will be nice and colourful when all flowers are out. Veg patch nice too

  3. Looking good Anthony…keep up the good work. I have noticed you have harvested the first of the red currants(I found them in the freezer!!).
    Your new plants in the bee border are looking fab & starting to attract more insects.

  4. Great Blog. Yes that looks like a Giant Scabious,, Cephalaria
    gigantea if you want its proper name. They have seeded themselves quite readily in my garden and the Bees love them.

    • Thank you for the posh name and yes the bees do absolutely love them when they come out!! I saved a packet full of the seeds this year. I just hope that they will come back up next year when they are sown.

  5. Hi,
    Good for you planting for the Butterflies and Bees – and of course other insects and wildlife.

    Don’t forget to also try to provide them with larval food sources/homes. If they have places to lay their eggs (I’m thinking Butterflies) then you’ll attract even more of them to your garden. Many British species caterpillars feed on various grasses and nettles. This year I had a relatively small patch of nettles – no more than 30cm2 – and I had numerous Comma caterpillars on them. Well worth it 🙂

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