My Beehive – One Step Closer…

At long last…its finally happened, my beehouse has arrived. I was given my beehouse by a person who recently had to give up bee keeping because of complaints by a neighbour. He has built it all himself and is to national hive dimensions. He has spent the last week or so fixing it up for my birthday. I really do like it, it will offer my garden a bit more rusticness (if that’s a word!!) and the wooden theme is carried through.

The next step is to get my nucleus of bees, this just means the starting point it is a cluster of around 10,000 bees and then 1 queen. I may be getting them at the end of july in time for my show or may get them ready for next year. I’ve even planted a bee border close to the hive and is currently being planted up this year. I think I will get some more plants at gardeners world live and the tatton park show.

Below is a photo of my hive, and then below that is a pic of the hive I hope to get in the future if I get into beekeeping! 

This is my new beehouse which will be the perfect starter hive to get me started.

Above is the Omlet Beehaus, this is the house I would like to get if I like beekeeping. I’ll think I will sell honey and put the proceeds towards this.

I hope you’ve liked the first insight in my beekeeping tales and I’ll let you know when the bee’s arrive!


8 thoughts on “My Beehive – One Step Closer…

  1. That’s a great looking beehive Anthony, lucky you that your friend has such annoying neighbours! ;o) What kind of plants are you putting in the bee border?

    • Might have just got the bees!!! I have got a lavender, cosmos, geranium, bee balm, sedum. I will be getting some more at gardeners world live (along with some mint!!!)

      • Oh birlliant, when are they coming?!
        Let me know if you need any cuttings off my salvias – the bees absolutely love them! And the allium flowers too. I’ve got some Prunella Vulgaris (Dutch common name is the beehive plant – very apt!) they should come into seed in a couple of weeks…

      • Gosh, I don’t remember which ones I sent you now, but I’m sure it wasn’t the beehive one, still need to get the seeds. Mine have just started to flower and the bees are all over it! But their favourite plant seem to be the Salvias, I have 3 and they were all smothered in bees yesterday! Might be worth investing in…

  2. Hi Anthony, lucky you to have a hive. I’d love to keep bees; my garden already has masses of bees that visit. a friend who is an entimologist did a survey last year and he couldn’t believe how many different bees were visiting the garden. Keep us imformed of your prgress. See for a post about tasting honey; I think you’d enjoy it. Christina

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