Elmwood Gardening Show 2011 – Introduction

This is a little introduction for all yous who do not know about my show.

I set up my show back in 2009, for some reason I just thought that it was a good idea at the time and that it would be a great incentive to get family and friends to grow your own and add a little competitive edge to it. The show is held in my back garden and it is a great day for every one involved. And here I am 3 years later with my little show, who knows in another 3 years we may be as big as chelsea!!!

These are the categories in my show for 2011 :-





Pots and Planters

You may be wondering why there is a category specially for tomatoes. This is because so many people entered them I just decided to create their own category. It is so competitive! I won 2nd prize for my little display last year, which I was quite surprised by as so many others were great. By the way I don’t judge if you are thinking that I am being bias, no my great nana judges it as they don’t really have the room however I may have persuaded her this year so…

Anyway if you are actually coming then take note of this, it has been suggested to have a cookery element of the show, so this will be introduced. Also if you requested a starter pack and have not collected your free plant, then you have until the end of may to collect it otherwise I’ll swap it at the plant swap at gardeners world, you have been told!!
Also for those who are coming, you can easily keep in contact using the comment feature at the bottom of each post!

This was a basic intro to the show for the people who are coming and the May update for the show will be coming soon….


6 thoughts on “Elmwood Gardening Show 2011 – Introduction

  1. Hi Anthony, thanks for subscribing to my blog. You are amazing starting your own garden show, I think I might just copy your idea here in Italy for my gardening friends. We’re called Gli amici della festa di San Fiacre (the friends of the feast day of San Fiacre (he’s the patron Saint of gardeners). I’ll be following everything you do very closely. Do write more about the show. Christina

    • Don’t worry I will be!! I just thouht that doing the updates online would save paper and ink. I think it is great that you do your own show, it is very rewarding and everybody will enjoy it. I hope yours goes well too…

  2. What a brilliant idea Anthony! Wish I lived closer by so I could join in. What was in the starter package?

    • Well if your in the area on 21st August your more than welcome to come!! The starter pack had a plant that you could grow to enter in the show and the same as the normal packs which had the info and competition details and my very own catalogue with instant gardens and individual plants to grow!

    • Just had a brainwave actually,we should do one on my garden and see if the whole comminuty could do an online show, bet something like that won’t have happened like that before!?

  3. Are you having a “guess whats the cake made of” competition like last year?I will try & do something different that know one has had before.
    What other things do I need to make for your show?

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