An exciting new project…

Right, I’ve just had an absolute brainwave, well my friend suggested the idea. I’m sure you’ve seen the roundabout at my allotment, if not here it is just as a reminder:

This is the area for my new idea

 The roundabout is currently going through a redesign process, it is being converted into a wildlife pond. I mean it’s going to sound a bit geeky but I love to keep tadpoles, I found them so fascinating, I mean I even mangaged to get my friends to keep them last year  with mixed outcomes (i.e. some died well most died) Mine didn’t follow the same fate, I ended with 3 from around 20, most of them ate each other. I called them flip, jip and skip.

I am hoping that my design should go well, it should. It will hopefully attract all sorts of wildlife, for example dragon and damselflies, and I am wondering what else. This is a bit naughty but I will add frogspawn myself next spring. I know your supposed to wait but. I am just going to have to reasearch the flowers and stuff to put in my pond. I may get one of those solar powered water features. I will keep you updated throughtout its construction, and can’t wait to see what it looks like.


8 thoughts on “An exciting new project…

  1. Fantastic. I love keeping tadpoles too. My mum was an infant school teacher and she used to have them in her classroom to show the kids their life cycle. At weekends she took them home and I looked after them. We used to feed them fish food. Most of them seemed to survive to be little frogs, at which point we had to capture them before they started hopping around her classroom.

    • When I was in the last year of primary school about 5 years ago, I used to look after the infants and was also part of the team who looked after the nature trail, so I did something like that. I must remember fish food!!! My favourite stage is when they are little froglets, they’re sooo cute!!

  2. What a brilliant idea Anthony, can’t wait to see how it all turns out! I just hope the little froglets don’t go hopping into the chicken coop though!

      • I’m sure it will be beautiful Anthony! There was a bit on pond plants on last Friday’s Gardener’s World Anthony, Carol Klein mentioned a couple of non-invasive ones that also attract insects..

  3. I saw that (i think!) Anyway I have her life in a cottage garden book and I think that her pond is in there I will have to check. Saw your lisbon photos, looks like you had a good time,

  4. It’s still up on the beeb’s iplayer so you could look again if there’s nothing in the book – although there probably is!

    • There is a little bit on the pond, and a pic in the book, but that is it, I think i will check it out and anyway I don’t need to go on bbc iplayer I have it Sky+’ed, well at least I think I do!!

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