The Allotment tidy up is finally at an end!!

Thank God!! You may remember some time ago the pics of the allotment from march, well what a difference  a month can make. All the beds are now finished and its just the general weeding, watering and planting out.  I may go tomorrow and get some more things planted out however I’m not sure…

I have some good news too, there is some ducklings 12 to be precise at the bottom of my allotment, it brought such a smile to my face, its alright getting iPods, phones and games concoles and being happy then however this sort of happy was different, it was a  happy in which I was pleased for the ducks and its amazing just how nature can make you happy.

I was going to try and put before and after photos on this slideshow but couldn’t do it, but I managed to put some captions on them so you should have an idea of what is going on.

Tommorrow I’m going to a garden centre to get some more mints and a lemon verbena seen as I killed the last one over the winter. Anyways I’ll see you all later when I will let you know about some of my projects for this year.

Have a happy easter and make the most of the bank holidays!!

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6 thoughts on “The Allotment tidy up is finally at an end!!

  1. Gosh Anthony, it’s really looking amazingly tidy! And you can already see how great it’s going to look when everything starts to bulk out. I really like the way you’ve laid everything out, especially that central bit with the walkway around it.

    • The roundabout is my favourite part, I wanted to try permaculture, think that’s what its called!! The plan was inspired from within the edible garden by alys fowler and the bed design I can’t remember where the idea came from, anyway I’m glad you like it and hope to see yours again soon

    • Do you have a mint patch?? If you don’t you just need to put each mint plant in an individual pot as mint is very invasive and the most dominant mint will take over and change the flavour/smell of the others apparently!!

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