Picture day in the garden

Well my easter break is nearly over and school looms on Tuesday, but won’t be there long because of the next 4 day weekend YAY!! Instead of sitting about not doing anything constructive I decided to go and give the garden a well deserved make over, so that is what I’ve done this week. I made some money by planting my grandmas veggie patch up and sowing an instant garden for a friend to buy and went off to the garden centre, well I’ve been everyday this week, each time to a different one so not as bad as you may think. After a week of effort the garden it is now completly tidy. The large bed you can see is my salad bed and will hopefully be a show stopper but only time will tell. Anyway I hope you like my garden and enjoy the slideshow!!

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8 thoughts on “Picture day in the garden

    • Hopefully I might be getting a job at a garden centre nursery and I’m doing up my greenhouse with all new staging. Also the dog may look lovely and cute now but he is a pain for running round the garden, thats why half the bee border is squished!!! And I’m glad you like my garden

      • I hope you get that job at the GC Anthony, will you get a discount there if you do?

        I have been wondering about one thing though: the cats in the bird cage, where they the first to move in or are they doing time for their feline crimes? ;o)

      • The cats are in their cat house, not a birdcage LOL the light coloured one izzy is the one we use for kittens and we decided to keep her first kitten. We keep them all in there because the others torment her having to stop in her cage!!

  1. Hi Anthony
    Your garden looks very neat and tidy I am getting there but can’t seem to quite manage it.

    I have one of those greeen potting trays and find it very handy.


    • I spread it out with little tasks to-do each day, but I made sure I could accomplish them, I also balanced it out with treats (i.e garden centres!!)
      I will be saying goodbye to my plastic potting tray with my greenhouse revamp and will get a proper potting bench. At last!!!

  2. Wow well done to you Anthony, its all looking fantastic, and you’ve got tons going on in the greenhouse – wish I could be as tidy as you!

    • Must admit I’m a bit of a clean freak an the stuff in the greenhouse is only half of what is going on as I had to move a load of stuff out and is now placed around the veggie beds getting ready to be planted

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