Harrogate Spring Flower Show

On Thursday I went on a trip to harrogate flower show, it was the 2nd show I’d been to, the other being gardeners world live. It was quite busy as it was opening day. I bought a few herb plants, garlic chives, kew red lavender, blackcurrant sage, swiss mint, grapefruit mint, lemon mint, wild rocket and catmint. I certainly filled up the herb patch now!!!

Anyway just a few pics of the displays and some gardens, my favourite is the one with the water wheel, however I think the garden with the decking will work best as a large garden.


4 thoughts on “Harrogate Spring Flower Show

  1. I’m glad you had such a good time at Harrogate Anthony! That’s an interesting list of herbs you’ve got there, I thought I knew about all the mint varieties out there but I’ve never heard of Swiss Mint! Does it have a particular taste or smell? And black current sage is also new to me, could you post some pics please, I’m curious to see what they look like!

    • Will do Eva, actually will post allotment pics tomorrow, and will take the pics then while I’m there. I really wanted a mint collection down there so I made a mint border, so far i’ve got my swiss mint, ginger, lime, apple, spear, chocolate, lemon and grapefruit mints. Only a few left to go!!! The blackcurrant sage doesn’t really look like a sage, it was the fact that I like the ribena adverts and the dancing blackcurrants that made me buy it, not that i’ll get blackcurrants off it yet alone dancing ones!!

      • LOL – the next step in horticulture: dancing plants! Or before that let’s get them to water themselves and kick out the weeds… ;o)

        Funny that we’re both growing a mint collection! I looked up your swiss mint and found that I actually have one too, but here it’s known as german (or krause) mint. I haven’t come across ginger mint yet, but I do have a strawberry one (or at least that’s what the plant label said).

    • Strawberry mint, intrigued!! Does it smell like strawberrie!! The blackcurrant sage smells of spicy blackcurrants and have just read that it will grow a metre tall, have to find it a better home!!

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