Tidy up end in sight!!!!

This Sunday was the week before I finish my allotment tidy up, it has been so hard but well worth it. I’ve only got my fruit bed to edge, weed and mulch and then the rest of the paths to put bark chipping on (which isn’t that important I know but I did some with the bark that I had down and it looked and smelled amazing.
Did quite a bit of taking today which kind of did brighten up the day a bit because I don’t really see many people down there when I go but it was a nice day (temperature of 17 degrees!!!) so people came out of hiding. I planted up the roundabout with some perennials I had recently bought (heleniums, rudbeckia, campanula, blue salvia, and something else but I can’t remember what!! Also planted out my garlic but have a lot left over so may use that as green garlic. Also sowed my first carrots, not my favourite variety though but that ones next, it’s chantenary red it tastes delicious.

I will post all the pics next sunday or monday of what hopefully will be my finished (well tidyed) allotment, meanwhile i have a french speaking exam so au revoir!!!


2 thoughts on “Tidy up end in sight!!!!

  1. I know what you mean about the talking, it’s nice to catch up with everyone though, especially since you don’t see many of them during the winter!

    Bonne chance avec tes examens, je suis sure que t’auras un bon resultat!

    A la prochaine Anthony!

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