My bird feeders

I think today I will tell you about my bird feeders as I cleaned them out today and shuffled them around. I’m getting ready for a new set which will include something special for each type of vistor in my garden.  Below is a rough drawing of my new feeding station.


I have a variety of birds in my garden, my favourite must be the goldfinches because they are so colourful. They are on the feeder to the right. Please let me know what birds you have in your gardens as I find them interesting to watch and look at, a bit strange really!!!


2 thoughts on “My bird feeders

  1. We lots of chickadees, a rare cardinal here and there, and my fav- bluebirds (also rare). I don’t think it is strange at all to love watching birds. Sometimes I sit and watch them, camera in hand…

    • Thanks for your response, I have recently moved all my birdfeeders so now I can see them from my front room and bedroom, I just find how there is an order to things really interesting, the way when one bird comes another backs off. I also like the colours!!

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