The Allotment in Pictures – March 2011

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As promised here is my allotment, the pictures aren’t very good so sorry, i forgot to take a pic of the funky chicken sign but managed to grab a pic of two of the four chickens, one was a bit camera shy. The chickens are called, alys (after alys fowler) pixie, poppy and sky.

It is a bit on the untidy side as you may have seen the nasty patch on one of the photos. I now only have two beds left to make and edge however I am going to have to buy some top soil to build up the beds up as there is some big dips. I found out who was my new neighbour was, not properly like but there’s time yet!

Everything seems to have come to life this week, the currants have come into leaf and my tulips are getting ready to flower, can’t wait for them to come out as I cannot remember what they are. They are in the roundabout (the circle) of the allotment which is going to be the main hub for bees.

I potted up some of my tomatoes and aubergines today and discovered that my chipmunks have had babies as you could hear them sqeaking while I was doing it which brightened the day, will show you some pics later when they begin to come out of the box

I hope you enjoyed my rather bad photos (will be better next time)  and will show you some of the garden soon.


4 thoughts on “The Allotment in Pictures – March 2011

  1. Those chickens are gorgeous Anthony! Great shots of the allotment too, I really like the round central bit and I’m dead-jealous you have a shed :o) At this time of year when everything is so bare I always find it hard to believe that in a couiple of months time you won’t be able to move for all the plants and veg that have come up. Can’t wait though!

  2. I love the way you’ve laid out the beds with old red brick! Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what it’ll be like all filled in with veggies.
    Best of luck and happy growing!

    • It was hard work putting them into place, I only need another 40 to complete and to fill with some compost, you can tell i’ve done it though because it isn’t in a straight line it has loads of bumps in, the thing i love about gardening, nothing will ever be perfect!

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