Thursday 3rd March

Hi to all, tomorrow I am going to start the task of tidying my garden up, I don’t think that it will be too hard though as nothing much has really happened over the winter. Has anybody began their sowings yet for this year, I just planted up my propagator with all of my tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. They’ve all rocketed up and are nearly ready to be potted into their single pots.

And I really just want to do one of these just to see if I can, so here goes

Now that that’s out of the way I would like to share with you my major project in the garden for this year. Back in january I bought a new set or organic open pollinated seeds (which by the way were rather expensive!) so I could save all my own seeds and reduce the food miles and carbon footprint that our family put out. I also have another one which is to create a bee and butterfly border which is hopefully going to benefit the garden and the local bee and butterfly population as last year I made it my mission to attract a red admiral butterfly which I thought I failed in but I attracted loads of small tortoiseshell butterflies but not a red admiral but then right at the end of the season the plant pulled it off and attracted the butterfly, it was one of the most beautiful butterflies I have ever seen, also I saw a frog.

See you all later……


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